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How To Tighten Your Waist FAST With a Unique Running Technique

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You may or may not know this about me but I used to be a long-distance runner. That was about 50 pounds ago... :)

But one of the most useful things I picked up in my time as a runner was a technique for really tightening up the waist fast - especially the love handle area, which is always a target for people.

Relax - I'm not going to make you do any long-distance running! You'll be using this technique with interval training for maximum effectiveness.

The technique I'm going to tell you about does require either a treadmill or a road/track. You want to be keeping a pace that is a fairly fast run but not a sprint.

For me, I set the treadmill speed to 10 and go for 30 seconds per interval - it's about 85% of a full sprint for me - the advantage of the treadmill is that it forces you to keep the same pace. The problem, of course, is that is you need one.

You can do this same technique on the road, though, and calorie-burning-wise, it'll be more effective for the simple reason that you have to propel yourself forward. The treadmill does that for you. It's a tradeoff - this will work on both.

Now, I don't have pictures or video of this technique because, to be honest, it wouldn't really show you anything other than me running. Yee ha.

The whole thing with this is all in how you set yourself while running and how you visualize your stride and body movement. Basically, you have to feel it in yourself rather than see it in action.

So here's what to do while you're running...

1. Run "Tall"

VERY IMPORTANT - Keep your chest high, shoulders back and your back straight - don't let your shoulders hunch forward and don't sag forward. You need to keep VERY good posture for this to work. If you hunch forward, you will compress the abs and lose the effect of this technique.

Imagine like you're a marionette on a string and the string is attached to the top of your head. Someone is pulling up on that string, pulling your torso up and body straight, making you as tall as possible. Run in that position.

2. Relax The Abs

As you're running, try to RELAX your entire core. Don't clench it up - concentrate on breathing easily and deeply but not tightening up the abs. Think of it like you're pulling in your abs like a vaccuum, e.g. as you keep your chest high, suck your abs in. Stand up and try this right now - you'll notice that as you breathe deeply and your rib cage rises up, your abs have to relax anyway because they're getting stretched.

3. Separate Upper and Lower Body In Your Mind

Next, think of your upper body and lower body as two separate parts of a machine. The lower body is the propulsion, the upper body is the balance. The abs are the "joint" in between the two.

4. Reach Forward And Wring Your Abs

As you're running, try to "reach" forward with every stride, trying to get as long a stride as possible - basically, trying to get your leg as far forward as you can. As you reach forward with your leg, reach forward with your opposing shoulder as well.

So if you're stepping forward with your right foot, your left shoulder is coming forward. Your hips and shoulders are rotating in opposite directions on each stride. You're basically wringing your abs out on each stride! Each step is putting maximum rotation on the core.

And because your rib cage is elevated and your frontal abdominals are relaxed, this tension and torque gets transferred through the obliques and transverse abdominus (the rotational muscle of the core).

With every single step you take, you're doing a very effective trunk-twist exercise!


When doing this, I would recommend at least 5 to 10 intervals of 30 seconds using this technique. Use a good pace and keep practicing the main points in your mind.

1. Run tall
2. Relax the core
3. Separate upper and lower body
4. Reach with each stride and wring out the abs

Give this a try on your next cardio session and I think you'll really feel the difference! This is one of my very favorite "secret" techniques for tightening up the love handles FAST!


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Your email address is STRICTLY confidential
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